The Goals intended to be Hit

Computer Literacy & Computer Education

To spread over the computer literacy and computer education throught the countries specially in the backward and progressive countries and development of Information TechnologyExchange Programs in all over the world. To make and get prepare the software's for the development of educational abilities in the people of remote villages. to undertake studies relating changes in technologies world0wide and to absorbed them in Industry to achieve improved productivity and effeciency and to arrange technical training. Conservation of natural resources by application of improved techniques.

Computer Awareness & Computer Education programs Through School Project

NICT is also conducting various computer awareness & Computer education programs through school project to spread over it. throught the country. It is very useful for colleges also in addition to 10+2, Higher Secondary, Middle and Primary Classes.

To Minimize The Fees Structure Of Computer Education

To minimize the fees structure of Computer Education and spread the awareness through Computer Literacy Mission through out the country.

To Provide Higher Education

To provide higher education through NICT Institute of Information Technology and Management.

Course of Computer Education And Certification

To organize course of the Computer Ecuation and to issue certificates.

Welfare Of Scheduled Castes & Tribal

10% less in all course for SC/ST & Minimum 25% for Handicap Student.

Job-Oriented Courses

To conduct the job-oriented courses : To eliminate or to minimize at a great extent the prevailing burning problem of unemployment in its NICT's main aim to provide job-oriented vocational education and training so that the strength of India can engaged in service and self-employment by becoming successful entrepreneurs in the present era of competition.

Indian Religion & Culture

World-wide promulgatin of Indian Religion And Culture :
The religion and culture of Indian is acclaimed throughout the world since ancient period. We have still kept this heritage as a tradition and entire world is in need of our traditional values and moral. Efforts are to be made to spread the Indian religion and culture throughout the world. This is the high time to promulgate in to the world eager of it to adopt it. NICT is engaged to accomplish this task.

Computer Education To The Handicapped & Disable Students

To Provide computer education to the handicapped and disable students at Special Discount